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Support Tutors

At Orleans Park we have three full time Support Tutors; Literacy Tutor, Numeracy Tutor and an EAL (English as an Additional Language) Tutor. They work with students across Key Stage 3 and 4, supporting targeted groups of students to access the curriulum. 

During the transition process from primary to secondary, we gather information on students ability and progress to date, to aid with planning and teaching. Primary schools also highlight students they think would benefit from additional literacy, numeracy and EAL support. We take into account key stage 2 SATS scores, and we ensure that students who have not met the expected standard in reading and mathematics in Year 6 are immediately targeted for intervention in Year 7 and beyond if needed.

All students complete a reading test at the start of Year 7, which provides us with their reading age. Students who have not met the expected age related standard are targeted for support and placed on a catch-up reading scheme, which takes place twice a week in the library. Students are assigned a "Reading Buddy" from Year 12. 

The Literacy Tutor has developed a tracking system to monitor the progress on the catch-up reading scheme, and re-tests reading ages regularly to measure impact.

Our Support Tutors work includes pre-teaching, lesson support, 1:1 sessions, exam support and before/after school homework support. Pre-teaching is a key part of their work, and has had a considerable impact upon progress. This includes the teaching of skills, specific vocabulary and concepts prior to the lesson which then enables students to access  lessons succesfully. The progress of all students targeted for intervention is closely tracked and monitored and the tutors have developed strong relationships with families and class teachers ensuring that there is open communication and clear strategies.

Meet our EAL Tutor - Emna Darghouthi 

EmnaAs an EAL Tutor (English as an Additional Language), I am responsible for supporting non-native English speaking students to develop their English language skills. I assess students' English language proficiency levels using standardised tests, informal assessments and lesson observation. Collaborating with form tutors to ensure that the language support provided to EAL students is aligned with the content and curriculum of the school, I also develop and adapt instructional materials, resources and activities that are appropriate for students. 

I communicate regularly with families to provide updates on students' progress and share strategies for supporting English language development at home.

It is important that I provide a supportive and inclusive learning environment that respects and celebrates students' diverse cultural backgrounds.


Meet our Numeracy Tutor - MC Plant 

MJI work collaboratively with the Maths Department to ensure students that benefit from additional numeracy and maths support, can access the support required. I work with students in the classroom setting, and also run intervention sessions either on a one-to-one or small group basis, before and after school.

The sessions help to bridge the gap in the subject or skill knowledge. Each student attending intervention sessions has the opportunity to set a maths goal, helping them to remain focused on achieving their overall academic ambition. Sessions are aimed at building skills and confidence.

I also run two drop-in sessions a week during break time, where ALL students are welcome to attend, regardless of their maths ability. These drop-in sessions are informal and relaxed, and students have the opportunity to ask for help with any maths or numeracy problem they have.  

Meet our Literacy Tutor - Miles Dodd

MilesMy role at Orleans is to provide additional literacy support to students who have not met the expected age related standard.

My work focuses on pre-teaching, which allows students to feel confident in lessons; SPAG, which ensures students have the literacy skills needed to write competently; and reading, which ensures that students have the analytical skills and strength of vocabulary needed to eventually access their GCSE exams.

I provide in-lesson support as well as one-to-one or small group tutoring. My role as a tutor allows me to clearly see students' weaknesses and provide specific feedback and exercises to target them. There is a tracking system to monitor students progress who are on the catch-up reading scheme, and students have their reading ages re-tested regularly to measure impact.