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Exam Results

GCSE Results 2022

After a challenging two years at Key Stage 4, Orleans Park students in Year 11 were rewarded for their resilience and hard work by achieving the best set of GCSE results ever seen at Orleans Park School, with extremely high numbers of students achieving top grades. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, students excelled in all areas of study and have been rewarded with outstanding academic achievement.

Students achieved an incredibly high set of grades, with 30% of all grades being awarded the top levels 9 to 8 and 50% at grades 9 to 7. Despite the challenges that this Year 11 cohort has faced during the two years of their Key Stage 4 study, students have achieved a phenomenal set of grades. We are absolutely delighted that the students’ and staff’s hard work over the past two years has paid off and this once again confirms the school’s high standards and expectations for all students, to enable them to ‘be the best they can be’. 

English and Maths results are the best the school has ever achieved; with a pass rate of 90% across both subjects and almost 80% of all students achieving a strong pass (grade 5) in both subjects. Over half the grades in both subjects awarded were grades 9 to 7. This is a phenomenal achievement by our students.

98% of all students achieved a strong pass in Biology, Chemistry & Physics. Notably, 88% of all students achieved Grades 7 and above in Biology, Chemistry and Physics


In Combined Science, 85% of all of our students achieved a pass, with almost 50% of all students achieved a grade 7 or above. 

Out of all of the GCSE grades awarded to students, almost 50% of these were at grades 9 to 7. An incredible number of students scored a clean sweep of top grades 9 to 8 - a big well done to James, Thomas, Lotte, Ruby, Tess, Samuel, Jess, Oliver, Eli, Pamir, Laila, Elsie-Mae, Sandy, Matea, Thomas, Daniel, Poppy, Ben, Marta, Ethan, Lucas, Rishaan, Ayca, Ivy, Tabitha and Ewan.

Phenomenal progress was made by all students, with an incredible twenty-six students achieving an average of between three or two grades higher than target grades for each subject. Congratulations therefore go to Lina, Saj, Kiki, Gabriella, Kougar, Imane, Laila, Nikita, Millie, Daniel, Sam, Nasya, Haniyyah, Billy-Ray, Matea, Hassan, Federico, Evelyn, Tanisha, Mark, Reuben, Greta, Rhys, Imma, Sandesh amd Sandy, who all made exceptional progress and were awarded fantastic results.

Mr Dodge, Assistant Headteacher of Key Stage 4, was particularly impressed with the progress made by those students who had regularly attended Progress Club and various other interventions throughout the Academic Year. The majority of students involved significantly improved their Progress 8 score.

A Level Results 2022

Following a challenging two years for Sixth Form students, it is with great pride we celebrate their amazing achievements; 77% A*/B grades and 46% A*/A grades across all subjects. In particular, we are delighted that 15% of grades were A*s. We are incredibly proud of our Sixth Form students whose hard work has helped them to achieve such a fantastic set of results which have enabled them to take a significant step towards their future and continue the success of Orleans Park Sixth Form.

A significant proportion of students have gained places at top universities to study courses such as Biomedical Science, Economics, Mathematics, Engineering, History, Film Studies and Law to name a few.

We are delighted that Harry and Maddy have accepted their places at the University of Cambridge to study Economics and Modern & Medieval Languages respectively. Lucas has also been successful in his application to study Medicine.

Outstanding A Level Results

Haakon A*A*A*A*A* UCL Mathematics
Harry A*A*A*A* University of Cambridge Economics
Yasith A*A*A*A*A* King's College London Computer Science
Lily A*A*AA Imperial Physics with Theoretical Physics
Elise A*A*AA University of Nottingham Neuroscience
Kiran A*A*A UEA Paramedic Science
Dylan A*A*A* University of Bristol Economics
Sam A*A*A* University of Sussex Biomedical Science
Matthew A*A*A* UCL Biomedical Engineering
Dominic A*A*A* Gap Year  
Jake A*A*A* King's College Biomedical Engineering
Ben A*AA University of Bristol Film & Television
Ella A*AA University of Bath Physics
Felix A*AA University of Exeter Mechanical Engineering
Lucas A*AA University of Liverpool Medicine
Louis A*AA University of Leeds Engineering
Maddy A*AA University of Cambridge Modern & Medieval Languages
Ghazal A*AA University of Nottingham Physics with Astronomy
Megan A*AA Camberwell Art School Art Foundation
Liv A*AA UWE Film Studies
Seb A*AA UEA Natural Sciences
Ted A*AA University of Manchester Economics & Politics