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Prep Learning

We believe that setting of Prep Learning is about raising standards.

It is about developing a quality learning framework that is linked to what is being taught in previous and future lessons. This enables students to consolidate their learning and prepare for the next unit of work.

Students will receive feedback on Prep Learning which is specific and timely. Teachers will also ensure that the purpose of Prep Learning is made clear to students.

Education Endowment Foundation

School’s Responsibilities

The subject teacher is responsible for setting appropriate Prep Learning tasks which are available on Google Classroom.

Heads of Department are responsible for ensuring that all teachers in their department set regular and appropriate Prep Learning tasks, and give, when appropriate, next steps feedback.

Students are provided with facilities to complete their Prep Learning during lunchtimes. We will also provide a homework club every morning before school and the library is open in the mornings before school at 8.00am every day and after school Monday - Thursday 3.00pm - 4.00pm.

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