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Student Leadership

At Orleans Park we provide students with opportunities to take on various leadership roles throughout their time at the school, allowing them to develop important skills and contribute to the development of the school. The  leadership opportunities for students include the following: 

  • Head Students and Deputy Head Students (Year 13)
  • Student Committee for Change
  • House Captains
  • Student Ambassadors
  • Mentors
  • Reading buddies
  • Joining a student group
  • Organising a charity event. 

Our Student Leadership Team is made up of Year 13 students who act as voice for the student community, help run student activities and represent the school at various events. Older students are expected to be role models for younger students in the school and to support them in their learning and wider development.

Head Students


Since becoming Head Student, I have been proud to represent the school body on several occasions throughout the year, including open evenings for new potential Year 7 students and Sixth Formers. I liaise with members of the Student Leadership Team to present assemblies to the rest of the school as well as attending the Student Committee for Change to hear ideas on how we can make the school an even better place.

In my role I want to make sure that students know I am someone who they can talk to and I am able to listen to their views on how to make the school an even better place for future students.


It is an honour and privilege for me to be the Head Student of Orleans Park school, which I believe is an engaging and successful school which I am proud to be part of. 

I have taken on many responsibilities in my role including delivering speeches on key topics to the students and parents, including how to best prepare for GCSE exams and as well as talks to Year 7 parents about students settling into a new life at Orleans park school. 

Orleans Park strives to ensure that students are educated in the best possible way to succeed and meet their goals by helping the students to reach their full potential. I can vouch for this personally as the teachers at Orleans Park have supported and encouraged me to maximise my academic achievements in my GCSE results last year. This was due to the strengths of the teachers and the support network provided by the school. This directly links to the school motto which says ‘Be the best you can be’.